Joe grew up in a musical family, his mother playing piano. Joe started playing guitar while in college, and has since become an accomplished mandolinist as well. Joe is full of creativity, and brings a unique rhythm, drive, vocal style, and songwriting to the group. Plus he's just lots of fun to have around!

Steve CAN play loud and fast, but has a tasteful approach to the banjo. Steve has been playing acoustic music since the 1970's. Steve likes to throw in a bit of swing, jazz and gypsy styles into the mix of bluegrass. Steve always has something interesting and fun to add to the group's arrangement.

Jolleen grew up in a home with music all around. No one actually played an instrument, but Jolleen's mom loved traditional country music. Jolleen recalls growing up listening to Dolly and Porter, Slim Whitman, Roger Miller, the Cater Family, Jim Reeves just to name a few. Jolleen sings, plays mandolin, and guitar and loves to write songs.

Don began playing music in the early 1970's. His music journey stated with a rock band - roulette recording artist - The Morning Dew. In 2009 Don was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame, as a result of his work with the Morning Dew. Don plays bass, is the band emcee and master joke teller.

Joe McElroy

Steve Laforge

Jolleen Thorpe

Don Anderson