Roses In The Snow

Capplinger Mills

Leavin' Rosine

Is The Grass Any Bluer


Red Clay Halo

Bluestone Mountain

Lonesome Fiddle Blues

Montana Cowgirl

All The Old Men Are Gone

If Wishes Were Horses

When The Angles Sing

Orange Blossom Special

Old Brown Suitcase

Scattered To The Wind

Winter's Come & Gone

Oopik Waltz


Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew

The Osage County Mine


Oh Mandolin

Master's Garden

Sitting Alone in the Moonlight

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Tell Me Darling

Banks of the Ohio

Won't You Meet Me

Railroad Steel

Will You Walk With Me

Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring

Blood in the Rain

Ode to Billy Joe

It Rains Everywhere I Go

Hangin; Around

Where the Mockingbird Sings

Wrong Side of the Track